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Alejandra Zavala Vazquez ELEY sponsored shooter

Alejandra Zavala Vazquez

Birthplace: Mexico

Disciplines: 25m Pistol Women, 10m Air Pistol Women, 10m Air Pistol Mixed Team

Personal best: 585

Coach: Hugo Hernandez Carrillo

Club: Cinegetico Jalisience

What is your occupation: I am an athlete and member of the Mexican Army

What are your proudest moments: Rio 2016 and the World Cup Final in Bologna 2016

Do you have a favourite motto: Live the present. Take the garbage out of your mind

What is the best advice ever given to you: See your strength, your integrity, your ability to love and understand things

Why do you like ELEY: Because I got my best group

What are your hobbies: I like to sing, read, and watch movies

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