Damir Mikec ELEY sponsored shooter

Damir Mikec

ELEY sponsored shooter

Birthplace: Split, Croatia

Disciplines: 50m Pistol Men, 10m Air Pistol

Personal best: 50m Pistol: 581, Air Pistol: 590

Coach: Goran Mikec

Team: Team ELEY and Serbia!

Club: KSS Policajac Belgrade

What is your occupation: Professional sportsman

What is your proudest moment: Becoming a father

Do you have a favourite motto: Always believe in yourself. Live your life and let the others live theirs

Why do you like ELEY: ELEY is the best .22LR ammunition in the world, and how things are going soon to be the same for .177 air pellets. The best groups, high accuracy, and every shot feels the same

How long have you been using ELEY: Since I was a junior shooter. At that time it was very hard to get, so I kept what I had for special and important competitions

Best result using ELEY: The most memorable competition was the World Cup Final in New Delhi in 2017, as it was the last with 50m Pistol and I won the Gold medal

What are your hobbies: Riding a mountain bike somewhere far away offroad

Croatia ELEY sponsored shooter