ELEY ultra 22lr ammunition - The all-new extreme .2LR round.
  • Strike Depth – 0.012-0.015 in
  • Recommended headspace 00.040-00.041 in
  • Mean Velocity is determined in ELEY Rifle test barrels. Results may vary in your firearm.
  • Drag Model – RA4
  • Ballistic Coefficient 0.112

ELEY ultra overview

Available Q2 2024.

Unleash the power of precision with the all-new ELEY Ultra Extreme Long Range Round, a revolutionary breakthrough in the world of Long Range Rimfire Competition. With a heritage of manufacturing excellence spanning over 187 years, and a legacy of dominance in .22LR Rimfire Competitions, ELEY is once again redefining limits and pushing the boundaries of Rimfire Ballistics.

More than just a discipline, ELR becomes a thrilling adventure with the ELEY Ultra Extreme Long Range Round. The skill beyond 100 yards, is down to the synergy between your Rifle, the Ammunition, and your ability to consistently hit the mark. The ELEY round has been developed to meet the rising demands of disciplines such as Precision Rimfire Series .22LR, Rimfire Benchrest, Field Target Shooting, Steel Challenge, NRL22, and NRL22X leagues.

Crafted by ELEY’s elite development team, the Ultra Extreme Long Range round ensures unmatched reliability and consistency with every shot. Gain a competitive edge and redefine your limits on the range with ELEY’s latest innovation, setting new standards in precision, performance, and accuracy.

key features

  • Optimised Velocity
  • Round-Nose Bullet Profile designed for Dynamic Chambering and Operation
  • ELEY Priming System
  • Incredible Accuracy at Extreme Distances

used for

  • PRS22
  • NRL22
  • NRL22X
  • Steel Challenge
  • Rimfire Benchrest
  • Field Target
  • Steel Challenge


  • Precision Rimfire Rifle .22LR
ELEY ultra UOM 100 Yards 200 Yards 300 Yards 400 Yards 500 Yards
Drag Model RA4 RA4 RA4 RA4 RA4 RA4
Ballistic Coefficient 0.112 0.112 0.112 0.112 0.112 0.112
Max Muzzle Velocity ft/s 1100 1100 1100 1100 1100
Launch Angle Degree 0.257 0.569 0.944 1.396 1.941
Terminal Velocity ft/s 945 831 732 644 567
Peak Height Inch 4.3 19.6 50.8 104.3 188.6
Time of Flight Seconds 0.296 0.635 1.021 1.460 1.960
Lag Time Seconds 0.023 0.090 0.203 0.369 0.596
ELEY ultra extreme long range round

bullet profile

Round nose

cartridge length

25.4mm / 1inch

bullet weight

2.59grams / 40grains


Max Muzzle Velocity : 335m/s – 1100ft/s