Isabella Straub puts her trust in tenex with ELEY sponsorship

ELEY is excited to welcome German rifle shooter Isabella Straub into our team of sponsored athletes.Straub’s shooting credentials are impressive, shooting in both .22LR rifle and air rifle disciplines. Having shot competitively since she was just 12 years old, she is currently ranked in the top six shooters in the world for 50m rifle and

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Mick Garvey helps make sense of the new General Licences

In April this year, Natural England announced changes to three general licences (GL 04/05/06) for controlling specific wild bird species. This caused considerable confusion and chaos with regard to what people should do next and if they’re shooting lawfully. Here, ELEY’s outdoors ambassador, Mick Garvey, gives his say on the situation. “It’s been a

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How to achieve the perfect benchrest setup for reliable results every time

Belgian benchrest shooter Mario De Graeve is at the top of his game. He has recently won a whole host of competitions over the last year including the Luxembourg open in March 2019. Accuracy, focus and consistency all play a part in making sure you continuously hit the center of the target. Nevertheless, for

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ELEY dominate in Deutschland securing more medals, quota places and world records

The ELEY team has enjoyed even more success at the third ISSF World Cup of the 2019 season in Munich. The German city provided the backdrop for what's been an exhilarating World Cup for shooters from all over the world. 902 athletes from 96 nations travelled to Munich to take part in the competition

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How to work your way up the practical shooting circuit

Practical shooting is a diverse shooting sport designed to test not only your marksmanship but also your speed and agility. Winner of ELEY's Speed Steel challenge, Chris Edwards chatted to us to explain how he got into practical shooting. Additionally, he also spoke about how you can find out if it’s the right sport

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How will Snježana Pejcic prepare for the next Olympic Games? Her answer is, she won’t.

Why Snježana Pejcic won't be preparing for the next Olympics. An odd statement you may think. You’ve secured your place at the biggest sporting event in the world; you ought to start training straight away, right? However, Croatian shooting legend, Snježana Pejcic, thinks otherwise. And who are we to disagree? Pejcic is well versed

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Does velocity impact shooting accuracy?

Does velocity impact on shooting accuracy? We all know that there are a multitude of factors that can have an influence over shooting accuracy. Barrel maintenance, air temperature, wind speed, ammunition type and even the shooter themselves. Understanding each element and its potential impact allows you to introduce measures to help limit these factors.

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A podium place or world record chased every 99 days for Debevec

In total, Rajmond Debevec has won 139 medals at big championships and shot 16 world records. Averaging out that Debevec has won a professional championship medal or broken a world record every 99 days over the last 42 years! Ahead of the next ISSF World Cup in Munich this month, we caught up with

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Tenex triumphs on the road to Tokyo at ISSF Beijing World Cup

The world’s most consistently accurate .22LR cartridge, ELEY tenex, has secured 7 out of 12 medals at the latest ISSF Rifle and Pistol World Cup in Beijing. ELEY tenex and ELEY tenex air both remained a firm favourite amongst competitors. Thanks to its revolutionary design and engineering excellence, tenex remains the trusted brand for

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Coaching to create Olympic champions

Mike Babb has a long history in shooting sports, first picking up a small-bore rifle aged 12. He quickly progressed, working his way up the competitive shooting ladder. In 2002 he pocketed his first gold and silver medals at the Commonwealth Games. This was closely followed by a first place finish at the ISSF

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