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How should I choose my ammunition?2018-04-15T06:08:11+00:00

Firearm type and shooter ability are the key factors in choosing the right type of ammunition. ELEY offers a range of ammunition for bolt action and semi-automatic rifles and pistols, designed to meet then needs of a wide variety of target shooters and hunters. Buying the best ammunition you can afford will enable you to train and compete with confidence.

Can I buy ammunition direct from ELEY?2018-04-15T06:06:21+00:00

You can purchase ELEY products from a network of authorised distributors and dealers, please refer to the Distributors page of our website. UK shooters who are appropriately licensed, can purchase selected tenex or edge from our Customer Test Range in Minworth.

Where is my nearest ELEY distributor?2018-04-15T06:04:51+00:00

You can locate your nearest supplier of ELEY ammunition by visiting the Distributors page of our website.

Why should I select ammunition by batch testing?2018-04-15T06:03:08+00:00

Batch testing enables you to find the most accurate ammunition for your barrel. It matches the characteristics of your firearm to those of a particular ammunition lot. The result is increased accuracy, increased confidence and improved performance. Most of the medals won at world class events are won with batch tested ammunition.

Our highly trained Customer Test Range staff have a wealth of shooting experience and are able to give you a realistic and honest assessment of your barrels performance.

How do I arrange a visit to batch test ELEY ammunition?2018-04-15T06:01:52+00:00

ELEY operates specialist Customer Test Ranges across the world. Full details of how to book a test visit are available in the Customer Test Range section of this website.

How do you read a batch number?2018-04-15T06:00:32+00:00

Each batch of ammunition has a unique batch number or QR code printed on the outside of the box.

Which ammunition is suitable for semi-automatic rifles?2018-04-15T06:09:02+00:00

Round nosed products such as tenex pistol, match OSP, club, and sport are recommended for use in semi-automatic rifles.


What is a misfire?

Your cartridge fails to fire when you squeeze the trigger.

What should I do if I have a misfire?

On rare occasions, there can be a delay in igniting the primer, so wait at least 20 seconds before opening the bolt and ejecting the cartridge. Check that the bullet is still attached to the cartridge case. If not, check it is not stuck in your barrel. If complete, try reloading the cartridge as a sighting shot, rotating it to enable striking a different point on the rim. If it still does not fire please seek advice from you local supplier.

What causes misfires?

Most misfires result from a weak strike of the firing pin on the cartridge rim. This can be caused by a dirty firing mechanism or worn firing pin spring. If you start to experience regular misfires, clean the bolt and firing pin mechanism. If this does not solve the problem, ask a qualified gunsmith to check and if necessary replace the firing pin spring.

How can I tell if I have a weak strike?

A correctly operating firing pin will produce an indent of around 0.012inch (0.30mm) in the rim of the cartridge case. A firing pin which produces indents below 0.010inch (0.25mm) is much more likely to produce misfires.

What happens when I squeeze the trigger?2018-04-15T05:56:32+00:00

Squeezing the trigger disengages the sear which holds back the firing pin under the tension of a spring. When released, the firing pin hits the rim of the cartridge case, detonating the primer which then ignites the propellant. The burning propellant generates a gas, the pressure of which, drives the bullet along and out of the barrel.

Which barrels shoot the best with ELEY ammunition?2018-04-15T05:55:28+00:00

ELEY has extensive relationships with a number of barrel manufacturers. We have demonstrated medal winning combinations with a wide range of barrels at World Cups, World Championships and Olympic Games. The perfect barrel for you is a very personal choice. However, you can be sure that we will have a batch of ammunition optimised for it.


How can headspace change?

Wear on the bolt mechanism over time can result in increased headspace. This can affect the performance of your barrel.

How can I prevent increasing headspace?

Measuring at regular intervals with a suitable headspace gauge is recommended. This can be performed by at our Customer Test Ranges. Readjustment by a qualified gunsmith may be necessary.

Firearms Cleaning2018-04-15T06:11:02+00:00

How often should I clean my firearm?

Firearms should, as a minimum requirement, be cleaned after every use.

Why should I clean my firearm?

Your firearm contains precision mechanical systems which can become clogged by the combustion debris from cartridges. Cleaning ensures the barrel, action, and trigger mechanisms remain in perfect working order and deliver optimum performance.

How should I clean my firearm?

Your firearm should be cleaned with a high quality nitro-solvent using a rod and patches. Care should be taken to remove all debris. Moving parts should be lubricated in accordance with the manufactures guidelines.

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