what is ELEY mobile testing?

Increase your competition confidence. Visit an ELEY mobile testing event to ensure the best possible match between your rifle and ammunition.

ELEY mobile testing brings our equipment and expertise to locations around the UK. Catering for shooters of all abilities, individuals and groups, and single or multiple barrels, mobile testing is one of the effective ways to increase your rifle’s performance.

ELEY’s mobile testing rig comprises a bespoke Gemini vice, electronic targets, patented software and a unique testing method. ELEY’s Customer Range Officer will secure the barrel in the vice then begin the testing session. As each shot is fired infrared sensors record the exact point of impact, plotting each shot on the target.

At the end of the testing session up to 30 shots from a range of ammunition batches will have been fired. Consolidated scoring and shot co-ordinate data is used to analyse the best performing batches, providing an accurate, real-world guide to the performance of each batch.

Testing is performed with ELEY edge and/or ELEY tenex.

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Contact Martyn Buttery using the details below. A deposit of £30 is required per test session, refunded on purchase of at least 2,500 rounds.

If you are a dealer or club and are interested in hosting an ELEY mobile testing event, contact us for more information.

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