What is a misfire?

Your cartridge fails to fire when you squeeze the trigger.

What should I do if I have a misfire?

On rare occasions, there can be a delay in igniting the primer, so wait at least 20 seconds before opening the bolt and ejecting the cartridge. Check that the bullet is still attached to the cartridge case. If not, check it is not stuck in your barrel. If complete, try reloading the cartridge as a sighting shot, rotating it to enable striking a different point on the rim. If it still does not fire please seek advice from you local supplier.

What causes misfires?

Most misfires result from a weak strike of the firing pin on the cartridge rim. This can be caused by a dirty firing mechanism or worn firing pin spring. If you start to experience regular misfires, clean the bolt and firing pin mechanism. If this does not solve the problem, ask a qualified gunsmith to check and if necessary replace the firing pin spring.

How can I tell if I have a weak strike?

A correctly operating firing pin will produce an indent of around 0.012inch (0.30mm) in the rim of the cartridge case. A firing pin which produces indents below 0.010inch (0.25mm) is much more likely to produce misfires.