Marjorie Barron ELEY sponsored shooter

Margie Barron

ELEY sponsored shooter

Birthplace: Kansas, USA

Discipline: Rimfire Benchrest

Personal best: 2450 out of 2500

Coach: Bill Barron

Club: Eaton Gun Club

Rifle: Richard Gorham

What is your occupation: Retired Marketing Manager and Graphic Designer

What is your proudest moment: Winning the ARA Outdoor Unlimited Championship in Kansas 2016 and Nebraska 2017

Do you have a favourite motto: Do it with passion or not at all

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given: Work on wind reading skills, testing and tuning of ammunition, and gun set up

Why do you like ELEY: Good and consistent results

How long have you been using ELEY: Over 10 years

What are your hobbies: Watercolour and acrylic artist, and graphic design

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