Sergei Evglevski ELEY sponsored shooter

Sergei Evglevski

ELEY sponsored shooter

Birthplace: Minsk, Belarus

Discipline: 25m Rapid Fire Pistol

Personal best: 25m Rapid Fire Pistol: 587

Coach: Vladimir Galiabovitch

Club: Yarra Pistol Club

What is your occupation: Student

What is your proudest moment: Winning a Silver medal at the Commonwealth Games

Do you have a favourite motto: Nothing is that hard, you just do it with zero doubt. Do it, finish it and move on

What is the best advice ever given to you: No matter what situation you’re in, you have to give everything 100%

Why do you like ELEY: I love ELEY because it feels right, it’s so smooth and no matter what it feels great out of the gun

What are your hobbies: I like to play soccer, hang with friends, and watch movies

Belarus ELEY sponsored shooter