Q. How many matches are taking place in the ELEY Speed Steel Challenge?

A. One in 2020 – 10th October, multiple events are planned for 2021.

Q. Where is the 2020 event being held?

A. Yeaveley Shooting Estate Nr. Ashbourne, Derbyshire, DE6 2DT. – Website Link

Q. Why has the venue changed?

A. Procedures at Stourport Pistol and Rifle Club could not be developed to meet the requirements for remaining Covid-19 secure on the range given the space they have for this event. 2021 will see the Covid-19 rules reviewed.

Q. How much is it to enter a Speed Steel Challenge match?

A. LBP £30 per entrant, Mini Rifle £30 per entrant, Both disciplines £55

Q. What is included in my match fee’s?

A. 8 stages are included per entrant, per discipline, 5 runs per stage.

Q. Why are moderators not allowed?

A. This will ensure accurate and consistent timing.

Q. What are the steel plate sizes and stage layouts?

A. Our stage layouts will be similar to the traditional USA layouts and plate sizes will be the same. 

Q. What are the rules?

A. Each competitor will be placed in a squad of shooters. Each shooter will compete in 8 stages, each stage consists of 5 runs, shooting 5 plates. After completing a stage, the shooters slowest time out of the 5 runs will be eliminated. The four fastest times will be your time for that stage. The winner will be determined by the fastest time after 8 stages.

Q. Is the gun drawn from a holster?

A. No, Starting at 45 degrees or pointing at a mark on the ground, gun safety off and finger out of the trigger guard. You may engage the target after the buzzer sounds.

Q. Do I need a FAC and Competition licence?

A. FAC = Yes you will require to show your valid FAC licence at registration.

Competition licence = No.

Q. Can I hire a gun?

A. You can hire a rifle but you can not hire a pistol.

Q. Who is collecting payment and can I pay on the day?

A. Pre-registration is required via ELEY’s PayPal account. The organiser is ELEY and the club’s PayPal account is ‘ELEY Ltd’ 

Q. How may entrants are you accepting?

A. Min 60, max of 100

Q. Do I have to use ELEY ammunition?

A. We would love you to use ELEY ammunition but it is not compulsory. Any competitor finishing in the top three positions in either discipline using ELEY ammunition will receive an additional prize.

Q. What are the prizes?

We have some fantastic prizes on offer including ELEY ammunition and the highly sort after ELEY red jacket, embroidered with ‘your name’ and ‘ELEY Speed-Steel Champion 2020

Q.  Are the prizes for each event or the whole series?

A. Each single event. 

Q. How can I help advertise this event?

A. Please like and share ELEY’s social media posts. Facebook, Instagram.

New Speed Steel venue at Yeaveley Shooting Estate, Nr. Ashbourne Derbyshire.


Speed Steel Pistol Results October 2020
Speed Steel Rifle Results October 2020
Rifle results ELEY Speed Steel October 2020


ELEY are excited to announce a new venue for the ELEY speed-steel event to be hosted at the Yeaveley Shooting Estate Nr. Ashbourne, Derbyshire, DE6 2DT in the heart of the Peak District.

The 40-acre estate has given us the opportunity to set up eight full size Steel Challenge stages independently located in their own bays with two or three practice bays keeping the competition flowing throughout the day. I’m sure you will be as impressed as we are with the estates facilities. After the shooting finishes we will retire to the lodge for a government safety compliant presentation and refreshments.

For the event to take place we require a minimum of 60, up to a maximum of 100 entrants. Again we will be running LBP and Mini Rifle as either individual entry £30 or joint entry fee of £55. Payable by PayPal direct to ELEY.

We have some fantastic prizes on offer including ELEY ammunition and the highly sort after ELEY red jacket, embroidered with ‘your name’ and ‘ELEY Speed-Steel Champion 2020’.

We have big plans for this competition venue alongside Stourport Pistol and Rifle Club in 2021 so go ahead and register to get a taste of what’s to come!

Competition Location:

The Yeaveley Shooting Estate, Nr. Ashbourne, Derbyshire. DE6 2DT, Tel. 01335 330247, Helipad grid reference 52 degrees, 57 .9N-01 degrees 44.3W


If you would like to make an enquiry regarding the ELEY Speed Steel event, please use the contact form. The ELEY competition team will get back to you within 24 hours. Thank you.