Zorana Arunovic ELEY sponsored shooter

Zorana Arunovic

ELEY sponsored shooter

Birthplace: Beograd, Serbia

Disciplines: 25m Pistol Women, 10m Air Pistol Women

Personal best: Pistol Women: 592, Air Pistol: 582

Coach: Jelena Arunovic

Team: Serbian Shooting Team

Club: Olimpik 011, Beograd

What is your occupation: Full time athlete and student

What is your proudest moment: Winning the World Championships in 2010 and setting a World Record in 2017

Do you have a favourite motto: Go strong until the very end. It’s not too late until the referee says stop

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given: Always push hard and don’t give up no matter how hard you want to

Why do you like ELEY: Because it’s the choice of champions

How long have you been using ELEY: Since forever I think

What are your hobbies: I love amateur photography and fishing

Serbia ELEY sponsored shooter