A new age of competition shooting is upon us.

ELEY ammunition and USA Shooting have teamed up to bring an exciting new e-limination 10m air rifle competition. This will be hosted by ELEY’s new dynamic online competition platform, myELEY. Once the Portal e-limination match registration opened, all competition places were filled within a record 24 hours.

The new platform offers competition organisers the ability to create an online shooting club. From there, organisers can then invite and accept club members and create online competitions in an instant. Registered club members can create a personal dashboard where they can submit scores, track performance and see competition results easily.

Michael Atkinson, ELEY’s Competition Manager and myELEY developer is extremely excited by the partnership with USA Shooting: “myELEY represents a breakthrough in competition organisation. Sharing the same goals with a successful organisation like USA Shooting is extremely rewarding. This is just the beginning for myELEY’s global shooting network so watch this space. The platform is free, and means shooters can compete against each other globally, from the comfort of their club.”

“We’re excited to be able to work together with ELEY to introduce an exciting new platform. This will give our USA Shooting members the opportunity to create world-class competitions anywhere at any time,” said Kevin Neuendorf, Director of Marketing Communications for USA Shooting. “We applaud ELEY for their continued desire to progress our sport forward with unrivalled ammunition and technological advances that will bring the shooting world closer together.”

You can read about the myELEY.com software at the new support website, www.myELEYsupport.com or sign up online at www.myELEY.com.

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