July 2019

A clean sweep for Nick Towndrow in ELEY’s Speed Steel challenge

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For the second time this year, ELEY returned to Stourport Pistol & Rifle club to host its Speed Steel challenge on Saturday (20th July). Precision, skill and, of course, speed meant Nick Towndrow dominated the Mini Rifle discipline for the second time. However, Nick also proved his pistol prowess topping the podium in the

Muscle memory: Does it impact on accuracy?

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“Train both your body and brain.” That’s the advice from Olympic medallist Olena Kostevych. With four Olympic Games under her belt, she is one of the most experienced shooters on team ELEY. And with a ticket for the next Games in Tokyo, she isn’t quitting anytime soon. Kostevych advocates both physical and mental training

Gaining permissions… the hardest part of field shooting

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ELEY’s resident outdoors expert, Mick Garvey, gives his advice on how you can get shooting permissions to shoot on private land. “I’ve been lucky to gain permission over around 30 acres of woodland, open grass and a couple of crop fields. First impressions are good. Having recced the land it has a good head

Waxing lyrical about .22LR lubricants: beeswax or paraffin wax?

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Lubricant applied to .22LR ammunition is to ease repeated chambering. The idea that lubricant sends the bullet down the barrel is a common misconception. While it helps, it’s not its primary function. All of ELEY’s .22LR rounds have some form of lubricating wax applied. The two main lubricants ELEY use is beeswax tallow and

ELEY sweeps the shooting sport finals at the 2nd European Games

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208 athletes. 50 countries. 13 events. Preparation paid off for ELEY athletes at the European Games. Shooters using world-renowned ELEY tenex ammunition took 21 medals as well as setting four brand new European Games records. Rifle and pistol shooting made its second consecutive European Games appearance this summer in Minsk. It had previously featured

June 2019

Scoring the right skills to become a steel challenge shooter

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2019 has got off to a flying start for steel challenge shooting pro Kurt Grimes. He has recently taken the Senior World Title for the 5th year in a row at the World Speed Shooting Championships. This is amongst numerous other accolades including eight senior division world titles and multiple local level match wins

Italian duo, Lorenzo Bacci and Marco Suppini, ensure success with ELEY sponsorship

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ELEY is adding to its team of .22LR and air competitors with sponsorship of Italian rifle shooters Marco Suppini and Lorenzo Bacci. Both will be shooting exclusively with ELEY tenex in the 50m 3P discipline and ELEY tenex air for air rifle competitions. Lorenzo Bacci As a junior, Bacci’s sharpshooting secured his place on

Isabella Straub puts her trust in tenex with ELEY sponsorship

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ELEY is excited to welcome German rifle shooter Isabella Straub into our team of sponsored athletes.Straub’s shooting credentials are impressive, shooting in both .22LR rifle and air rifle disciplines. Having shot competitively since she was just 12 years old, she is currently ranked in the top six shooters in the world for 50m rifle and

Mick Garvey helps make sense of the new General Licences

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In April this year, Natural England announced changes to three general licences (GL 04/05/06) for controlling specific wild bird species. This caused considerable confusion and chaos with regard to what people should do next and if they’re shooting lawfully. Here, ELEY’s outdoors ambassador, Mick Garvey, gives his say on the situation. “It’s been a

How to achieve the perfect benchrest setup for reliable results every time

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Belgian benchrest shooter Mario De Graeve is at the top of his game. He has recently won a whole host of competitions over the last year including the Luxembourg open in March 2019. Accuracy, focus and consistency all play a part in making sure you continuously hit the center of the target. Nevertheless, for