August 2020

Match grade .22LR ammo: What is it and is it worth it?

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Simply put, match-grade ammunition provides the ultimate performance for a competitive match. It has been carefully developed to tighter tolerances making it much more consistent and accurate. But is match grade ammo worth it? Absolutely… depending on your end goal.  If you’re looking to plink at the range for fun, you will be better off

ELEY supports British Shooting with sponsorship of Schools Pistol Championships

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ELEY is proud to sponsor British Shooting’s Schools Pistol Championships for another year. Supporting the brand new remote element of the competition. This is the first time in the competitions history that a remote element has been included. In these difficult times, this is an effort to move the shooting sports forward, in a

July 2020

How USA Shooting is setting its sights on success with newly appointed CEO Matt Suggs

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Earlier this month, USA Shooting announced that Matt Suggs has been selected for the role of Chief Executive Officer. Starting his duties on August 1st, Matt will be responsible for implementing USA Shooting’s new strategic plan. Bringing with him an 18-year competitive rifle shooting career, Matt has had multiple National Championships and World Championship

ELEY HV hollow and subsonic .22LR ammo, the great all rounder

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Outdoorsman and ELEY ambassador, Mick Garvey, has been feeling reflective during lockdown. No longer able to spend time out in the field with Zeva Blue has got him thinking about what part of shooting he misses most. And the answer may surprise you. “Having used many calibre rifles for hunting and many more rounds

Dry fire fatigue? How to power through prolonged dry fire practice

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A couple of months ago, Martyn Buttery, test range manager and GB Talent Squad coach, discussed the importance of dry fire practice. The benefit; you can do it anywhere. That makes it more important than ever given the current circumstances. If your local range is closed, you can easily set-up a space at home

April 2020

Discovering different disciplines: practical shooting

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First things first, put simply practical shooting is a shooting discipline where competitors combine precision, power and speed to score as many points as possible during the shortest amount of time. It is also commonly known as action shooting. Whilst practical shooting sports such as steel challenge and rimfire challenge is already huge in the

Getting off to the right start in shooting

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With more time on our hands than we know what to do with, ELEY Outdoor Ambassador Mick Garvey has been reflecting on how he developed his love of shooting as well as his recommendations for those wanting to start. “Being in the unusual position of having time on my hands during this COVID-19 lockdown

Coaching for accuracy: improving your scores with the correct standing position

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Martyn Buttery, ELEY test range manager and GB Talent Squad coach, is back with his latest hints and tips. This time, exploring how you can improve your standing position for rifle shooting to gain greater scores. As Martyn notes, the standing position is arguably the most difficult. This is because you’re relying on only

How to train your gun dog from a young pup to a hunting hound

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The perfect gun dog is trained, not born. However, training a gun dog requires a lot of hard work and patience to develop the right skills. Yet, many hunters don’t know where to start when it comes to training an effective gun dog. ELEY’s outdoor ambassador, Rob Collins, has trained many a gun dog

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