What are the best times of the year for agricultural, small game hunting and pest control?

Well, that’s a hard one that really can’t be summed up in just one or two months of the year. Each month and more specifically each season has its pros and cons. Pest control comes in many forms and is not just about using a firearm.

As conservationists, we have to use everything in our armoury to be successful and competent. Me personally, I use everything from my dogs, to ferrets, birds of prey, traps, bird scarer’s, scare crows to name just a few. Activity during evening hours then also allow me to bring out the night vision as well as thermal spotters. It’s not just the time of year, but also the equipment needed for each individual job. However, one thing you must never forget is that everything should start and finish with conservation, by this I mean we should always put more back than what we take out, improving areas and sites from which we have been.

By conserving wildlife, we are ensuring that future our generations can enjoy the natural world and the incredible species that live within it. To protect wildlife across the world, it’s vital to understand how species interact within their bespoke ecosystems, and how they’re affected significantly by environmental as well as human influences.

Regarding this article, I am talking about agricultural pest control with land, water and habitat management.

Pest Control that operates within towns, cities and commercial sectors is for a completely different article for another day, although, some parts can overlap. This month by month blog will only offer a brief oversight on pest control, but will allow you to see the interactions, difficulties and successes we as conservationists/pest controllers have during different times of the year.

May through June.

During this time of year, we are really into the pest control season as everything is being drilled and is starting to grow, from trees in bud to the crops. Main sites, such as farm yards, building, livestock sheds, silage pits, feed stores and grain mills to name a few, need to be kept a close eye on, this is essential.

If everything is growing or breeding successfully, unfortunately then so do the vermin and pests, all have young and similarly to crops, all need feeding, so this is when things really start to get busy and active for our industry.

In addition, some of the first cuts of grass have come off around here, so now we can get to where for example the rabbits have been causing predation of the grass crops and adjoining arable crops. We can also get on with some of our fox control as they will be more visible in the short cut of grass.

The 22 rimfire rifle I use with the ELEY Subs and a NiteSite that allow me the ability to make short work of the rabbit control during June. Also, the 223 really comes into its own, dealing with the foxes that are in full attack of the livestock, again my trapping control during this time of year never really stops, therefore I need to be vigilant, fully alert and aware.