The third instalment of our coaching for accuracy series sees Martyn Buttery, test range manager and GB Talent Squad coach, explain the importance of follow-through.

You might think that once you’ve pulled the trigger the hard work is over. You’d be wrong. Once the trigger is pulled, the ‘shot’ has just begun.

In order to achieve the most accurate result, one factor you need to consider is maintaining your position throughout the recoil until you see the shot reach the target. This is called ‘follow-through’.

As Martyn states, follow-through is critical. This is true for all shooting disciplines, and even for many other sports as well (think a golfers swing for instance). If you don’t follow-through, your shot is pot-luck. This is because it only takes a nano-second to move off target. The same time it takes for the pellet or cartridge to leave the barrel. As a result, you want to avoid any breaks in position as sudden movements can pull on the barrel and affect your accuracy.

A conscious effort to monitor your follow-through will mean you won’t break down your position. The key components to note are controlling your breathing, keeping your sights firmly on the target, pressing your cheek into the stock and that your finger is down on the trigger.

One way to help train is using the ‘1, 2, follow-through’ exercise. After you take a shot, say to yourself ‘1, 2, follow-through’. This should give you a sufficient amount of time to stay focused on the target and then you can move your position without affecting the shot.

Alternatively, you can tangibly measure your follow-through using a Scatt trainer. This monitors the position of your barrel throughout the duration of a shot. The red line indicates your follow-through position, and you want this to be as short as possible. Using a visual representation will allow you to improve your position moving forward and enhance your overall accuracy.

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