First things first, put simply practical shooting is a shooting discipline where competitors combine precision, power and speed to score as many points as possible during the shortest amount of time. It is also commonly known as action shooting.

Whilst practical shooting sports such as steel challenge and rimfire challenge is already huge in the US, there popularity is also surging in other countries across the globe.

Someone who knows a thing or two about practical shooting is Blake Liles, a USPSA Open Division Grand Master. Blake runs a training academy in Abilene, Texas teaching practical shooters how to take their game to the next level.

Blake started shooting in 2009, over 10 years ago when he first moved to Abilene. He bought himself a Taurus 247 pro pistol and initially started plinking at the indoor gun range with cardboard. One of the other members there later introduced Blake to USPSA matches and the rest is history.

ELEY’s Dan Killough and Joseph Stoecker caught up with Blake Liles in the latest edition of their podcast, Straight Shooting.

Check out the full interview with Blake Liles from 415 training on the Straight Shooting with Dan & Joseph podcast on YouTube.

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