Get the latest on products from ELEY with the new digital brochure for 2020.

Not only does the ELEY 2020 brochure contain four brand new products, it also includes vital performance statistics on our complete range of ammunition as well as information on how we ensure it’s the best in the world.

The technical data published aims to help you make an informed decision on which ELEY product is right for you. Velocities, radial standard deviation (RSD) and maximum mean groups are all listed for each product to give a better understanding of the specification.


Available in both meters and feet per second, velocity is the speed of the projectile measured at the moment it leaves the end of the barrel. Dependent on the discipline you’re shooting, velocity is important to note as it can have a big influence on trajectory and recoil.

The figure in the brochure is an average speed determined across four ELEY test barrels. Results may vary in your firearm.


Radial standard deviation is calculated by plotting the position of every shot fired on an x-y axis. This ensures all of the available data points from the shot group are used and is consistently referenced as the most accurate measurement for determining the tightest grouping load.

Max mean group

Lastly, maximum mean group is the circumference of a group of shots. We test our ammunition across four barrels and work to these tolerances. But again this will vary from barrel to barrel and can be a lot smaller in different firearms.

Testing in this way provides us with an average. However, if you want the best possible results, we encourage shooters to come and batch test using their own barrels.

Find out about the benefits of batch testing ammunition

As a result of this information being made available in the brochure, ELEY’s Lot Analyser is no longer in use.

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