ELEY are proud to be a part of British Shooting’s diversity campaign #TargetChange

An initiative aiming to break down barriers within target shooting by allowing new people to get involved in the sport.

As a black women in target shooting – teamELEY’s Ruth Mwandumba is just one of 0.5%.

While her experience within the shooting community is positive, she wants more to be done to create role models and inspire a more diverse, younger generation to participate in the sport she loves.

We are proud to have teamed up with British Shooting and Women’s Sports Alliance to bring Ruth’s story to life.

ELEY’s Marketing Director Michael Atkinson said:

“The #TargetChange campaign is a breath of fresh air for our sporting community.

British Shooting has taken the initiative to change the perception of target shooting by introducing a platform allowing new people to get involved in ‘have-a-go events’ around the country.

ELEY has been at the forefront of ammunition production for over 190 years and is the perfect partner for the pioneering campaign.

Ruth, an ELEY-sponsored athlete is one of the most determined athletes we have had the pleasure to work with.

Since joining ELEY, Ruth has become English Champion and the first black woman to represent England in ISSF disciplines, we could not be prouder.

I cannot stress how important it is for our community to stand together and support British Shooting, alongside the Women’s Sports Alliance, to raise awareness of the wider benefits of target shooting and how together we make target shooting fun as well as a more inclusive sport.”

Watch Ruth’s video here …