ELEY celebrates its 190th birthday – a testament to its dedication and ingenuity to create the most consistently accurate .22lr ammunition.

Michael Atkinson, Brand Manager for ELEY said: “190 years is a huge milestone worthy of celebration. ELEY has a rich heritage and for nearly two centuries ELEY products have allowed shooters at Club, World and Olympic level to realise their potential and win. Shooting is a fantastic sport and this is something the whole ELEY team is incredibly proud to be a part of. As we look back, it’s exciting to see just how far we’ve come and how we’re going to grow in the future.”

Brothers, William and Charles Eley first established the company in London. It later moved to Birmingham, beginning a long tradition in the manufacture of rimfire ammunition. Specialising in .22LR calibre cartridges, ELEY is best known for its flagship cartridge, tenex. Today tenex is sold in more than 130 countries worldwide.

ELEY’s goal behind the initial tenex development was to provide British made .22LR ammunition. To support British competition shooters, the ammunition would be built to extremely fine manufacturing tolerances. This was borne out at the 1951 British Championship and the Grand Aggregate events at Bisley, won by ELEY shooters using ELEY tenex.

Soon competitors all over the globe were opting to use tenex, creating a successful competitive record for years to follow. Most recently, ELEY tenex has helped crown seven new World Champions including Olena Kostevych, Sergey Kamenskiy and Anna Korakaki.

Michael Atkinson continues: “ELEY is always striving to improve and innovate. We have a team which includes internationally recognised specialists with extensive knowledge in internal and external ballistics and power dynamics. We also have Six Sigma qualified engineers. It’s thanks to our highly skilled team and patented new methodologies, which separate ELEY from its competitors.”