Here at ELEY we are proud to have renewed our position as title sponsor for the 2021 season of The Canadian Rimfire Precision Series (CRPS).

ELEY are committed to raising the profile of rimfire competitions in Canada and help put on world-class events for Canadian shooters in 2021 and beyond.

Since its founding in 2018, the CRPS has been fully supported by ELEY in its goal of providing a fun and challenging rimfire precision series to Canadians.

Sponsorship of the CRPS is a natural fit for ELEY as we continue to produce the highest quality rimfire ammunition for competitive .22LR shooters. As CRPS is a volunteer-run, not for profit organization, our strong reputation in the shooting sports industry means we can elevate the CRPS’ profile as well as its competitions.

The Canadian Rimfire Precision Series hosts over 20 events across Canada and greets over 1000 participants at matches coast-to-coast.

By standardizing on .22lr, the competitions allow for both new and experienced shooters to test the limits of their skill and the .22lr platform in a more budget-friendly format.

Shooters engage steel targets in a PRS-style match format with steel targets placed between 100-300 meters downrange, in 10 timed stages.

This year, in an effort to encourage even more shooters to participate and begin a passion for shooting, CRPS has launched a Match Rifle Loaner and Mentorship Program, that allows new competitors to borrow competition-ready rifles and optics combination paired with ELEY ammunition, along with an experienced competitors as their mentor for the match.

CRPS has described ELEY’s presence as ‘helping several hundred shooters discover and enjoy the shooting sports.

CRPS would like to thank ELEY for their generous support and look forward to the continued growth of the series’.

Michael Atkinson, Marketing Director at ELEY, said: ‘We are honoured to be a part of such an event. The team at CRPS are always forward thinking and I’m very excited to support with the continued growth of the shooting industry within Canada, we at ELEY are proud to be a part of the journey’.

The next event takes place May 02nd in Ontario.

To find out more information about the series or to register to shoot at upcoming events, please visit