Major power factor for IPSC. Superior safety. Absolute accuracy and controllable recoil.

That’s what you’ll get with ELEY’s brand new ELEY Action .38 super comp major power factor round. Designed and developed by the world’s most respected sporting ammunition manufacturer, the new round promises to be a sure-fire hit amongst practical shooters.

Calling on 190 years of ammunition expertise, ELEY action .38 super comp delivers major power factor for IPSC matches and assembles the best components with a specific propellant to provide a safe and effective competition round for Open Division Competitors.

The round provides reduced recoil for improved sight picture recovery. What’s more, its ‘rimless’ case with a round-nose copper metal jacketed 124gr bullet, offers superb reliability, magazine stacking and feeding.

David Barton, ELEY sales and marketing director comments: “ELEY’s move into centre-fire ammunition is a really exciting one for us. ELEY has been exclusively manufacturing small-bore for the last 20 years. So, this return to centre-fire ammunition is a landmark transition for the company. Re-entering the market was a result of demand for a round that didn’t compromise on accuracy while also holding the highest safety standards for IPSC shooting. Our expertise in accuracy and competition shooting meant we could provide a round which ticked both these boxes. Therefore, providing competitors with a superb round for IPSC competition.

“We hope our investment will help grow and develop the practical disciplines and introduce more talented competitors into IPSC shooting.”

ELEY Action .38 Super Comp Major has been developed specifically for use in firearms manufactured to handle Major Power Factor ammunition. The reference firearm is the STI DVC Open 2011 competition handgun, designed for use with Major Power Factor ammunition. ELEY USPSA load is designed to achieve a power factor of 170. ELEY IPSC load to achieve a power factor of 165. Results may vary in individual firearms.

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