Find the perfect batch with ELEY’s Lot Analyser

Have you ever wondered how your ammunition performs prior to purchasing? The saying goes, ‘try before you buy’. With ELEY’s Lot Analyser, you can do just that… well almost. ELEY shooters can check out the performance of a batch of ammunition before purchasing. The revolutionary Lot Analyser unlocks the batch number to reveal essential information. This includes velocity, group size, shot distribution, date loaded, ballistic coefficient and much more.

ELEY’s Technical Director, Phil Taylor explains more.

“The Lot Analyser has been designed to prove the accuracy performance of ELEY ammunition. This offers added value to our premium product ranges for shooters serious about the sport. We want to provide you with as much information as possible, so they know exactly the quality, reliability, consistency and most importantly accuracy of each batch of ammunition.”

Taking a look at the dashboard in figure 1, this is the first set of data you will see when entering the batch number. This includes the trajectory and ballistic coefficient as well as the characteristics of the ammunition.

Figure one - ELEY lot anaylser

Figure one.

It’s when we take a look at figure 2 that we get into the nitty gritty of a products performance.

Figure two - ELEY lot anaylser

Figure two.

Group sizes

This is the most common method of accuracy testing because it can be done on paper. Here, you can see how that batch of ammo performed when shooting 10 shot groups at 50m. These are measured in inches from outside to outside and use four different barrel types for each test.

However, it is the 200 shot group towards the bottom of the analyser where we can see a truer prediction of performance. Each of the 200 shots taken has an X (windage) and Y (elevation) coordinate which equates to the radial distance of each shot. The radial dispersion is the distance the shot impacted the target from the centre of the bull. The bar chart is the actual test sample. The solid line is the predicted shot dispersion of the entire lot.

At ELEY, we know that every barrel is unique and dozens of factors can affect accuracy. The statistics revealed by the Lot Analyser eliminate any uncertainty and help you choose the best batch of ammunition to suit your shooting needs.

To access the analyser visit the Lot Anaylser page and enter the batch number which can be found on the side of your ammunition box. This can be used for all ELEY ammo dated from 2015 onwards. The analyser is designed for use on the move at stores and competitions, so is fast, easy to use and highly visual.

We’re trusted to deliver the highest possible performance for every product and price level. The service brings professional analysis and insight to every ELEY shooter. So you can see how accurate and consistent each lot performs, whether your passion is competition, recreational, or hunting.