Behind the walls at ELEY, is a team that continuously looks to push the boundaries of ammunition production and innovation.

Each individual plays a vital role in making ELEY, ‘The Choice of Champions’.

Fred Sage, Product Development Manager

“I have been employed at ELEY for 16 years now and as a brief overview, my role is to look after new product development, machinery and processes and the procurement of some raw materials.

Within my role every day is different!

In general, I tend to work in the office 5 days a week. However, I often need to travel when working on diverse projects.

When required I attend trade shows, such as Shot Show (Las Vegas) and IWA (Nuremberg) to gather information and insights.

These events also help me to network and meet new and existing suppliers as well as other businesses. This is useful to improve our overall quality and product offering.

I am currently working on “ELEY x Shot”, which has been an ongoing project for the last 2 years.

It is a challenging project but I am fortunate as I work with fantastic individuals who are resourceful, professional and helpful. Colleagues are based in Poland, China, the US and the UK

I have also assisted in the product portfolio expansion of “ELEY Air Pellets and Biathlon rounds”.

I found this a very interesting project. It entailed defining and testing the ammunition in our on-site biathlon range (a cold chamber operating at minus 20-22 degrees, in the middle of summer!)

We would work in 20-minute intervals due to the severe conditions on the inside of the chamber, countering the unusually hot British summer heat on the outside, whilst wearing winter clothing.

People usually ask me if I pursue shooting as a hobby.

Well, we used to have open events within ELEY to test the product…I soon realised I wasn’t very good. However, it did allow me to admire and respect the athletes we sponsor from around the world.

The way they have disciplined their minds and bodies to achieve their results is phenomenal.

To unwind I like to play squash, paddle board and go mountain biking. You may also spot me around Warwickshire taking my dogs through the woods and countryside. 

I am fortunate to work at Eley with such a great and enthusiastic team. I also appreciate that I have the freedom to explore and innovate.

ELEY has allowed me to work on many interesting projects, which has helped me to progress and grow within the company”.