Outdoorsman and ELEY ambassador, Mick Garvey has been reflecting on how he developed his love of shooting, advice on how to maintain self-optimism as well as his recommendations for those wanting to start their shooting/hunting careers.

‘Positive Mental Attitude is something I have always believed in.

For me, it’s not enough to think I can do something, I have to know and believe I can do it and your equipment plays a significant part in this.

Whether you’re out in the woods stalking your quarry, climbing one of the fells in the Lake District or tackling a workout in the gym – the slightest doubt in any of your equipment can have a devastating effect on your performance.

Personally, my guns, scopes, clothing and even the squirrel bait I use has my full confidence. Although, all will pale into insignificance without reliable, consistent and accurate ammunition. This is where ELEY comes into its own.

I am an ambassador for ELEY Outdoors, though have used ELEY ammunition for many years. I have used various other brands available, but always found ELEY Hollows best for my needs and requirements.

I know once the round is chambered, it will do its job faultlessly to its full potential, leaving the only possible variable being the person behind the trigger.

Such is my state of mind, this is an extremely rare occasion and any doubt that creeps in before pulling the trigger results in an aborted shot.

I have employed a positive metal attitude into everything I do. In my early days, I consistently searched for perfection as a beginner in my hunting journey. I found that self-belief and total faith in my equipment was what I was searching for. As an amateur, I would hold my own against shooters with much more experience and understanding of the industry.

I commend weekend shooters and industry novices. They are the backbone of our chosen activities and have the (equal) opportunity to possess the same skills as any of us.

To conclude, my advice is to get the best equipment for a specific job in question, however it is something you believe in and feel 100% comfortable with.

In addition, take advice from people you trust and respect. Most importantly use the best ammunition, as the smallest elements are the most important’.