ELEY’s Independent Testing:

Before you visit an ELEY Test Range or purchase your Tenex ammunition, it undergoes a series of strict quality processes by highly skilled engineers, combined with state-of-the-art machinery.

A dedicated electronic visual inspection system and Six Sigma methodologies produce the cartridges that have redefined .22LR accuracy.

Six Sigma is a disciplined, statistical-based, data-driven approach to manufacturing and continuous improvement methodology eliminates defects in the product and process.

When testing, ELEY uses a variation of barrels, each shooting four, 10 shot groups.

The result? …

A mean radial shot diameter calculated at a fantastic 2.64mm.

To calculate the RSD, it involves plotting the position of every shot fired on an X-Y grid.

This ensures all of the available data points from the shot group are used and is quoted as the most accurate measurement for determining the tightest grouping load.

Understanding the ELEY Batch Testing Process:

Ultimate accuracy comes from a range of factors:

  • The ammunition;
  • The firearm;
  • The shooters ability

ELEY understands that to win, these three factors must have the best combination.

ELEY manufacture world-class ammunition in a variety of batches and to achieve the ultimate performance we recommend using ELEY’s testing facilities.

Batch testing is designed to find the most accurate ELEY ammunition for your barrel to deliver results, records, and medals.

During testing, 10 shots from each batch are fired through your barrel and then the best performing batches are then shortlisted.

A further 30 shots from those selections are fired until an overall 40 shot group size and consolidated score is recorded for each.

Bespoke ELEY software makes analysing the results fast, simple and very accurate, helping you to find that record-breaking batch.

The world’s top athletes and Olympic level shooters, visit ELEY test ranges to find that perfect batch.

Why you Should Batch Test with ELEY?

Batch testing is designed to find the most accurate ammunition for your individual barrel to deliver results, records, and medals.

Shooters at all levels, demand excellence not only from themselves, but from their ammunition, barrel, and equipment.

Only when competitors have total confidence in their barrel / ammunition combination, can they train to perfect their own performance, with many visitors aspiring to reach gold medal positions at the highest level.

Who can Batch Test at ELEY?

Batch testing is open to anyone. Whether you’re a club shooter or competitive athlete, if you’re looking to improve your scores, we can help!

Quotes and Recommendations:

Martyn Buttery – UK Test Range Manager

“I would recommend every ambitious shooter, no matter what level they’re shooting, to test their ammunition.

Shooting is a very challenging sport with so many different variables to manage which emphasises the importance to eliminate as many factors as possible, including a potential bad batch of ammunition in a specific barrel.

It is vital to remember that what’s not performing for one shooter may give great results for another. Individual barrel cleaning regimes, age of the firearm, length of the barrel to name few examples, can all have an impact on ammunition which ultimately affects accuracy.

At our ELEY Testing Facilities, we can help, support and guide you through these potential questions, to find that perfect batch for you”.

Veronika Major – teamELEY athlete / Hungarian Olympic Pistol Shooter

“What is precision? It’s giving the attention to details.

Here I am with #teameley supporting me to choose the best ammunition for higher and consistent performance.

I really appreciate all the knowledge and efforts of Denis Weingart (German Test Range Manger) in making this experience so informative”.

Robert Loughridge – Andover Rifle and Pistol Club

“I attend the test range regularly. One of the reasons I go, is that it gives the rare opportunity of assessing ammunition in a test rig I trust and in constant conditions. I have always found it very worthwhile and a pleasant way testing in a very professional manner in the knowledgeable hands of Martyn. 
Having the range of different batches of the same ammunition, gives you the opportunity of assessing the group patterns and sizes.

The whole ‘package’ is worth the effort of a five hour round trip and something I will be repeating

The booking process is straightforward and uncomplicated”. 

Sanja Vukašinović – Serbian Olympic Rifle Shooter

“Ammunition is one of the core pillars of our sport, it makes that tiny bit of difference which always mean so much.

I am glad I finally got to be present while my rifles are at a test, and moreover I am glad that it was right here where the magic happens at ELEY HQ, UK.

We had a great time testing and there were many batches to choose from, until we found the perfect ones. We also got to see the factory and production process itself, a very cool procedure with world class engineering and quality control.

With every step of the way in the factory, we witnessed how much care and hard work is put into the making of every single bullet!

I can’t thank the whole team enough for all the kindness and attention they gave us”.

Katie Gleeson – Team GB British Rifle Shooter

“I have found some really good, potential ammunition today and I am looking forward to getting to the Europeans and seeing what I can do. An important part of that is having good ammunition, which is why testing is so important and an invaluable process. I greatly appreciate the support of ELEY behind me to make that happen”.

Elizabeth Gilpin – Andover Rifle and Pistol Club

“Being relatively new to shooting I only bought my first rifle after lockdown – When a friend recommended, I take it batch testing, I jumped at the chance. What a great way to see what your rifle can do and what I need to aim for. Knowing that I have the best ammunition possible to use with my rifle gives me peace of mind to work on my technique. 

Martyn was brilliant, very professional and welcoming and definitely knowledgeable.”

Where to book your visit:

You can use our ELEY app to book your VIP test at an ELEY test range.

You can book your UK, German or USA Test Range visit via ELEY VIP – https://www.eley.co.uk/vip