ELEY is excited to welcome German rifle shooter Isabella Straub into our team of sponsored athletes.

Straub’s shooting credentials are impressive, shooting in both .22LR rifle and air rifle disciplines. Having shot competitively since she was just 12 years old, she is currently ranked in the top six shooters in the world for 50m rifle and is no stranger to a place on the podium.

At the Changwon World Championships 2018, the German shooter took home two silver medals in the 50m rifle prone and 50m rifle 3P events. She is also credited in the Bundesliga Hall of Fame for Air Rifle as one of the top 25 shooters of all time.

Isabella Straub will be exclusively shooting the world-leading ELEY tenex .22LR round as part of the partnership in the 50m 3P rifle discipline.

She also joins the rapidly growing number of elite air athletes using ELEY tenex air pellets. ELEY tenex air was launched last year at the Munich World Cup with impressive results. The competition pellets deliver exceptional accuracy and feature 30% greater weight control than any other competitor.

The ELEY team would like to wish Isabella the very best of luck for the upcoming shooting season, and look forward to sharing more successes over the years to come.

To find out more about Straub’s achievements, check out her Instagram page @straubin. To view the full ELEY team, head over to our sponsored athletes’ page.