The importance of the correct shooting clothing

May Elisabeth Nordahl is this week’s shooter in the spotlight. The Norwegian rifle shooter has represented her country in Air, .22LR, and 300m disciplines. Today, May gives her opinion on the importance of the correct shooting clothing.

“Shooting can be very tough on the body and cause great stress on the neck and back. As the shooter struggles to control the rifle they run a serious risk of damaging the back and hips with poorly fitted clothes. This is especially true in the standing and kneeling positions.

The purpose of shooting clothes is to help support the body and reduce physical strain. Without this support, the shooter will not be able to find and maintain the zero point. Thus reducing the likelihood of good scores.

As the fit of the clothing improves the chance of injury reduces, as the weight of the rifle is supported by the clothing not the muscles and skeleton. A jacket and trousers that are neither too tight nor too loose will help the shooter naturally find the correct position. This will increase comfort, motivation, and scores!

There are a wide selection of manufacturers and materials to select from – canvas, leather or a hybrid can all work as long as they fit the body shape of the shooter correctly. All the manufacturers provide ‘off the peg’ clothing which for the beginner can be a good place to start. For the more serious shooter the made to measure service can help take their performance to the next level.

So, the importance of having the correct shooting clothing cannot be underestimated.”