A batch of ELEY tenex has set a new proof range record at ELEY HQ this week. This makes it officially the most accurate ammunition we’ve ever manufactured.

Testing uses four different barrels, each shooting five 10 shot groups. The result? A mean radial shot diameter calculated at a fantastic 2.64mm.

To calculate the RSD, it involves plotting the position of every shot fired on an x-y grid. As a result, this ensures all of the available data points from the shot group are used and is consistently quoted as the most accurate measurement for determining the tightest grouping load.

Enhanced manufacturing processes and testing techniques ensure we’re always striving to produce better and better batches of ammunition. By producing world-class rounds, elite shooters can put their trust in tenex to give them the accuracy they need to win. Feeling inspired? Come and try ELEY tenex for yourself and book a batch test today.

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