Established in 1828, ELEY is globally recognised as the manufacturer of the most consistently accurate .22LR ammunition in the world.

At ELEY, we sell our products to over 90 countries so it’s not unusual to receive requests from all corners of the globe. It is however a very unique situation when approached by the Royal Navy to help assist in the delivery of target ammunition to the Jamestown Rifle Club, St Helena.

HMS Protector which is often referred to as the Swiss Army Knife of the Royal Navy, serves a multipurpose role within the Navy and makes port in some of the remotest places on Earth. One of which is St Helena, a small island 1200 miles west of the southwestern coast of Africa.

When Jamestown Rifle club reached out to ELEY in potentially supporting Protector in the delivery of ammunition, we ensured we did our utmost to make this happen.

At 05:00am on the final day before she pulled up to set sail, International Sales and Business Development Manager, Justin Cooper left home in London to deliver the shipment personally, via a pitstop for collection in Birmingham, followed by a trip down to HMNB Devonport, the largest Naval Base in Western Europe.

Justin watched on as the ammunition order was taken onboard for safe passage to St Helena.

ELEY’s values have consisted of going above and beyond for our customers and clients. This exceptional scenario was a challenge we were certainly up for supporting and aiding in the success.

ELEY would like to thank the Royal Navy and HMS Protector in their efforts to help the Jamestown Rifle club and we hope they enjoy using our products on the range.

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