Welcome to the first of a series of articles from team ELEY’s shooters.

Our first contributor is Ole Kristian Bryhn, a 3P shooter from Norway with many accolades to his name, including eight ISSF World Cup and World Cup Final medals. Over to you Ole: 

“In this article I want to describe a typical training day for me at the 50 meter range. 

It is important for me to start the day with a good breakfast of bread, milk, fruits and vegetables. I then sit down and take five minutes to plan my training for the day: how many shots to take, which positions, what I would like to improve, and specific focus areas. I also consider areas that I need to improve, such as balance, wind, triggering, and adjustments for each position.

I generally start my training session in the prone position. In prone it is important for me to find a good and relaxed position that I feel comfortable with. This means that I am able to shoot many as many 10s in a row as possible. It is also important to check all the equipment and to make sure that the rifle and ammunition work well together. The result of this, is that I feel comfortable and ready to shoot well in competition. 

After prone I will move to standing. In this position it is important to have balance in the body and to find the rhythm, so my timing is correct when I see the bullseye and pull the trigger. Once again I try to find a position where I am relaxed in my muscles and my rifle points in the centre of the target. 

To finish I shoot kneeling. Here I will work to find a compact position which I can stay in for a long time. In the kneeling position timing is paramount, as it allows me to be as accurate as possible. 

When I have finished the training I sit down and evaluate the full training session, noting all the important elements to remember for the next training session.”