It’s exactly one year to go until the start of the next Olympic Games, and it’s safe to say we’re very excited at ELEY.

These Games will mark the return of the Summer Olympics to Tokyo for the first time since 1964, the first city in Asia to host the Olympics twice, and the fourth Olympics overall to be held in Japan.

ELEY’s track record at the Olympics is unrivalled with athletes using ELEY tenex winning 125 Olympic medals in the last 13 Olympic cycles. In addition, our history in Tokyo is equally impressive. At the first games held there in 1964, ELEY tenex won all gold and silver medals available for rifle and pistol disciplines.

Old ELEY Olympic adverts

The shooting events will officially begin 25th July and run until the 2nd August with 360 athletes heading to the Asaka Shooting Range to battle it out for the world title.

It will also be an Olympic debut for ELEY tenex air pellets. World number ones Anna Korakaki, Sergey Kamenskiy and Artem Chernousov will be putting the pellets through their paces.

With quota places for the next Games already secured for 29 sponsored ELEY athletes and many others using ELEY ammunition, it’s shaping up to be another strong sporting event.

Sponsored ELEY athletes with a quota already in the bag:

Country Athlete Discipline Competition (year)
USA Alexis LAGAN 25m pistol women CAT Guadalajara (2018)
RUS Anastasia GALASHINA 10m air rifle mixed team WCH Changwon (2018)
GRE Anna KORAKAKI 10m air pistol women WCH Changwon (2018)
BUL Antoaneta BONEVA 25m pistol women WC Munich (2019)
RUS Artem CHERNOUSOV 10m air pistol men WCH Changwon (2018)
SRB Damir MIKEC 10m air pistol men WC New Delhi (2019)
USA Dempster CHRISTENSON 10m air rifle men CAT Guadalajara (2018)
USA George NORTON 50m 3P rifle men CAT Guadalajara (2018)
NOR Henrik LARSEN 50m 3P rifle men WCH Changwon (2018)
USA Henry Turner LEVERETT 25m rapid fire pistol men WC Beijing (2019)
GER Isabella STRAUB 50m 3P rifle women WCH Changwon (2018)
USA James HALL 10m air pistol men CAT Guadalajara (2018)
KOR Jin JONGOH 10m air pistol men WCH Changwon (2018)
ITA Marco SUPPINI 10m air rifle men WC Munich (2019)
BUL Maria GROZDEVA 25m pistol women WC Beijing (2019)
USA Michael MCPHAIL 50m 3P rifle men WCH Changwon (2018)
SRB Milutin STEFANOVIC 50m 3P rifle men WC Munich (2019)
USA Minden MILES 10m air rifle women CAT Guadalajara (2018)
SUI Nina CHRISTEN 50m 3P rifle women WC New Delhi (2019)
UKR Oleh TSARKOV 10m air rifle men WC Munich (2019)
UKR Olena KOSTEVYCH 25m pistol women WCH Changwon (2018)
UKR Pavlo KOROSTYLOV 10m air pistol men WCH Changwon (2018)
CRO Petar GORSA 10m air rifle men WCH Changwon (2018)
SRB Sanja VUKASINVOVIC  50m 3P rifle women EG Minsk (2019)
USA Sarah BEARD  50m 3P rifle women CAT Guadalajara (2018)
GRB Seonaid MCINTOSH  50m 3P rifle women WCH Changwon (2018)
RUS Sergey KAMENSKIY 10m air rifle men WCH Changwon (2018)
CRO Snjezana PEJCIC 50m 3P rifle women WCH Changwon (2018)
RUS Vladimir MASLENNIKOV 10m air pistol mixed team WCH Changwon (2018)
SRB Zorana ARUNOVIC 10m air pistol women WCH Changwon (2018)

There are still a number of quota places ready for the taking and can be won at the Rio ISSF World Cup in August and the European Championships hosted in Bologna, Italy in September. We have our fingers crossed for the rest of team ELEY!

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