We are now into August and the crops are beginning to be cut.

Many farms are direct drilling and we are also straight back in full swing as regards to wood pigeon/corvid control for crop protection.

In many cases, the shotgun is my firearm of choice, however I have found in recent years the Air Arms Air Rifle to be a great tool for this particular job.

You certainly need to be a master of decoying and field craft as you need the birds to land.

I make sure I have my .22 rimfire with a good moderator on, alongside my ELEY Subs, which then allows for consistent accuracy and whisper quietness.

I use these tools when others in the area are using shotguns as I find them much more effective, although like I say, your field craft and decoying must be first class.

In addition, less sound pollution is created, meaning you are not getting complaints from the public and you’re not scaring off hundreds of birds with single shot. Thus, being more effective on your crop protection or disturbing members within the local community.

All my other pest work is in full swing too, the shoots now have birds in the pens and so the estate work slows down in that area.