This is a 40-shot analysis of how we at ELEY batch test on our test range.

Here is a breakdown of how we dissect and publish results for our athletes / customers.

We will explain the different sections recorded during testing and what the figures / each section signifies.

ELEY test-range results


This (426.6) is the 40 shot consolidating score on an ISSF target – Shot at 50m. The best possible score for these 40 shots is 436 (10.9×40).


This (13.5) is the overall group size from edge to edge for the 40 shots taken.


This links directly with the 13.5 score, showing in imagery format, where the 40 shots scored on the target.


The bar graph displays where the shots are within the 10 rings into a decimal equivalent.

In this instance, there was

1 x 10.4

11 x 10.5

6 x 10.6

9 x 10.7

9 x 10.8

4 x 10.9


Rsd: Radial Standard Deviation: This is the average distance of each individual shot, from the mean impact


ES: Expected Score: We can then calculate the estimated 60 shot score.

Many still use this number at regional and national levels and its still a common number to use within the industry. The maximum score available is 654.


Rank: We then can rank this barrel to LOT combination and rank against them all. This result shows that the batch to barrel is 99.8% better than other tested and achieved in our systems.

These excellent results are due to a positive marriage between batch and barrel, and shows the importance of testing.

Batch testing is designed to find the most accurate ammunition for your barrel to deliver results, records, and medals. Shooters demand excellence not only from themselves, but from their ammunition, barrel, and equipment.

Only when athletes, shooters and customers have total confidence in their barrel-ammo combination, can they train to perfect their own performance.