Simply put, match-grade ammunition provides the ultimate performance for a competitive match. It has been carefully developed to tighter tolerances making it much more consistent and accurate.

But is match grade ammo worth it?

Absolutely… depending on your end goal.  If you’re looking to plink at the range for fun, you will be better off using an entry-level round such as ELEY sport. If you’re a small-game hunter, an ELEY hollow-point round would be better suited.

But for those looking to get every shot in the centre, match grade ammunition is definitely worth investing in.

Multiple factors go into creating match grade ammunition. For greater precision and consistency, the bullet profile, materials used and assembly all benefit from the strictest manufacturing processes.

For ELEY, our match grade ammunition features a specialised flat-nose patent. The iconic flat nose projectile is one of many innovations ELEY engineers pioneer. As it cuts through the air the revolutionary design pulls the centre of pressure forwards, aerodynamically stabilising the projectile and increasing accuracy at the target. This helps to reduce drag and improve aerodynamics.

The materials sourced and used are of the highest quality. The lead, brass and machinery are all carefully considered and selected for their superior properties.

Additionally, ELEY only manufacture small lot quantities for match grade ammo. This provides a greater level of control over the manufacturing process.

All of these components work together to deliver consistent, reliable results every time. For ELEY our tenex and match cartridges are match grade .22LR ammo – think the red and black boxes. These rounds are used by the shooting sports best athletes to set world records and win medals at the highest level.

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Typically with ammunition, you get what you pay for. For competitive target shooting where precision and accuracy is essential for high scores, match grade ammunition is worth every penny. Even the smallest variant can have a huge impact on your final score so you want to keep this to a minimum. High-quality, match grade ammo is, therefore, crucial for success.

That being said, match-grade ammunition can only perform if your firearm and skill are equal to the task. If your skills and gear are to the point where you’re making consistent groups on the target, perhaps it’s time to see how ELEY’s match grade ammo can take your performance to the next level. It may not be the ammo you shoot on every trip to the range trip, but it should be the ammo you shoot when it matters the most.

That’s why with ELEY, you can make sure every shot counts. Check out our full range of .22LR match grade ammunition.