What are the best times of the year for agricultural, small game hunting and pest control?

Well, that’s a hard one, that really can’t be summed up in just one or two months of the year.

Each month and more specifically, each season has its pros and cons.

As the grass starts being cut sometime in June, the mole control really starts to take shape. Now I can see where they are and set traps accordingly.

The crops are also starting to ripen, so this is the month I really start to concentrate on pigeon shooting and protecting the crops, as well as all the other pest control measures for a diverse range of animals/creatures.

I also seem to have an upturn in mink control work this month, I suppose it is due to the litters growing and now venturing out for pastures new and fisheries being a big target for them.

As I mentioned, we are now really in the full swing of crop protection and pigeon control.

The crops are starting to ripen up nicely, with wind blowing them flat they make great landing spots for the hungry wood pigeon which is a worry as they can decimate a crop in just a couple of days.

Although the crops are not quite fully ripe yet, it’s good practice to keep them off.

The Air Arms Air Rifle and 22 Rimfire with the ELEY Subs are certainly earning their keep this month!