October 2019

Mietenkorte wins the Washington State Silhouette Rifle Championship with the help of ELEY ammo

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The perfect match for Erich Mietenkorte meant he took home the Washington Silhouette Rifle Championship title. Using ELEY’s 22LR match ammo, Erich beat second place by three points to claim the top spot on the podium. You may recognise Erich’s name from an article written In August introducing Silhouette Shooting. To find out more

September 2019

Success for shooters at European Championships

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Over 500 rifle and pistol shooters from 39 nations took part in the second European Championships of 2019. Hosted in the Italian city of Bologna, this time it was holding the 25m and 50m events. With the Olympic Games creep ever closer, the championships provided one of the last chances to secure a place

Bulk up your practical performance with our new recreational rounds

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We’re excited to announce the launch of not one, but two new recreational rounds – ELEY action and ELEY action plus. The rounds will bring greater levels of performance, reliability and precision to the UK’s practical shooters. ELEY action and ELEY action plus have undergone extensive testing and development to ensure we are offering

What’s in my kit bag? | Mick Garvey

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What’s in my hunting kit bag? It’s a question hunters are often asked as we try to whittle down our accessories to just the essentials. ELEY UK’s outdoors expert, Mick Garvey, gives his insight into the kit he carries when out in the field and why. “Following a recent break in the Lake District

Petar Gorsa and Seonaid McIntosh take centre stage in Rio

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British shooter Seonaid McIntosh and Croatia’s Petar Gorsa dominated the shooting circuit at the recent ISSF World Cup in Rio de Janeiro; the last World Cup stage of 2019 for rifle / pistol events. The pair of ELEY shooters each took home two medals, a silver in the air rifle discipline and gold in

August 2019

Striving for pellet perfection with our brand new test facility

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At ELEY, we’re continuing to invest in and develop our range of competition air pellets. This includes a number of improvements to our manufacturing capability, as well as a brand new test range. The expansion and relocation means we have greater control over output, increased capacity and improved batches. Innovation and continuous product development

Shooting Silhouette; show up and shoot something different this summer

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When you hear us say silhouette shooting we'd forgive you for thinking silhou-what? Despite it being a fairly old form of target shooting, it’s a must for any competitive shooter. Metallic silhouette shooting involves shooting at steel targets which represent game animals at varying distances. This is with the aim of seeking to knock

Why playing it safe never wins any medals

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ELEY pistol shooter, Sam Gowin has been competing on the ISSF circuit for a few years now. During this time he has been able to train out of his comfort zone to learn what works for him. However, he observes that some athletes limit their potential because of a fear of failure. Athletes should

Zero to hero: how to zero your rifle scope for improved accuracy

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Simply put, zeroing refers to aligning your scope or optic with your barrel so the crosshairs match where the bullet will fall. Thus, improving your shooting accuracy. UK hunter and ELEY ambassador, Mick Garvey is back to give his advice on the significance of achieving a zero and how to maintain it. “One of

Shooting .22LR at 300 yards: the new competition craze

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Three hundred yards for the little bullet that could? It’s not a typo and long-range .22LR shooting is starting to catch on in the US especially. With the high quality equipment and ammo available today, while still challenging, 300yd hits on six inch round steel is realistic. It’s fair to say that today’s .22LR