August 2019

Shooting Silhouette; show up and shoot something different this summer

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When you hear us say silhouette shooting we'd forgive you for thinking silhou-what? Despite it being a fairly old form of target shooting, it’s a must for any competitive shooter. Metallic silhouette shooting involves shooting at steel targets which represent game animals at varying distances. This is with the aim of seeking to knock

Why playing it safe never wins any medals

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ELEY pistol shooter, Sam Gowin has been competing on the ISSF circuit for a few years now. During this time he has been able to train out of his comfort zone to learn what works for him. However, he observes that some athletes limit their potential because of a fear of failure. Athletes should

Zero to hero: how to zero your rifle scope for improved accuracy

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Simply put, zeroing refers to aligning your scope or optic with your barrel so the crosshairs match where the bullet will fall. Thus, improving your shooting accuracy. UK hunter and ELEY ambassador, Mick Garvey is back to give his advice on the significance of achieving a zero and how to maintain it. “One of

Shooting .22LR at 300 yards: the new competition craze

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Three hundred yards for the little bullet that could? It’s not a typo and long-range .22LR shooting is starting to catch on in the US especially. With the high quality equipment and ammo available today, while still challenging, 300yd hits on six inch round steel is realistic. It’s fair to say that today’s .22LR

Preparing for a World Championship shooting event

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The World Rimfire & Air Rifle Benchrest Federation 4th World Championship gets underway in South Africa next week (5th – 15th August). It’s expected to host over 200 benchrest shooters from 30 countries across the world. All of whom will take to Krokodilspruit Shooting range to compete for the World Title.One such shooter who will

July 2019

One year to go: Team ELEY set to take Tokyo by storm

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It’s exactly one year to go until the start of the next Olympic Games, and it’s safe to say we’re very excited at ELEY. These Games will mark the return of the Summer Olympics to Tokyo for the first time since 1964, the first city in Asia to host the Olympics twice, and the fourth Olympics overall

A clean sweep for Nick Towndrow in ELEY’s Speed Steel challenge

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For the second time this year, ELEY returned to Stourport Pistol & Rifle club to host its Speed Steel challenge on Saturday (20th July). Precision, skill and, of course, speed meant Nick Towndrow dominated the Mini Rifle discipline for the second time. However, Nick also proved his pistol prowess topping the podium in the

Muscle memory: Does it impact on accuracy?

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“Train both your body and brain.” That’s the advice from Olympic medallist Olena Kostevych. With four Olympic Games under her belt, she is one of the most experienced shooters on team ELEY. And with a ticket for the next Games in Tokyo, she isn’t quitting anytime soon. Kostevych advocates both physical and mental training

Gaining permissions… the hardest part of field shooting

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ELEY’s resident outdoors expert, Mick Garvey, gives his advice on how you can get shooting permissions to shoot on private land. “I’ve been lucky to gain permission over around 30 acres of woodland, open grass and a couple of crop fields. First impressions are good. Having recced the land it has a good head

Waxing lyrical about .22LR lubricants: beeswax or paraffin wax?

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Lubricant applied to .22LR ammunition is to ease repeated chambering. The idea that lubricant sends the bullet down the barrel is a common misconception. While it helps, it’s not its primary function. All of ELEY’s .22LR rounds have some form of lubricating wax applied. The two main lubricants ELEY use is beeswax tallow and