Outdoorsman and ELEY ambassador, Mick Garvey, has been feeling reflective during lockdown. No longer able to spend time out in the field with Zeva Blue has got him thinking about what part of shooting he misses most. And the answer may surprise you.

“Having used many calibre rifles for hunting and many more rounds from varying manufacturers, I always get a kick shooting the .22LR.

With an almost silent report from the ELEY subsonic hollows, they can be used with total confidence in woodlands. Ideal for use on squirrels and rabbits, with little worry about disturbing other quarry. Moving out to the fields again, rabbits can be dispatched at good distances along with any other lawful quarry.

Accuracy is never a concern and although I have my zero set at a very usable 50 yards, I have taken rabbits with headshots at 121 yards with my thermal scope with ELEY. But to be honest I now use the ELEY HV Hollow’s for these distances and above. With the dispatch of foxes with a .22LR on my license I have everything covered. For example, if I’m out on one of my farms controlling the rabbit population and Charlie appears then I am more than happy to take it out with either a direct heart/lung shot or a perfectly executed head shot. The rounds really do give this sort of confidence.

But there’s more to it than just the accuracy. Although that is the most important thing to expect from a round, cost is important to many and understandably so. Prices do vary from different manufacturers. Again I have used top priced and bottom priced ammunition all with varying results. Nothing much between the upper priced and medium priced but the lower priced rounds were awful. I have always maintained to never skimp on anything for my shooting and I have made mistakes while hoping to find a bargain. But rest assured I can say with 100% confidence that the ELEY HV Hollow’s and Subs will serve you well … very well and I won’t be using anything else in my barrels.

I have also bought myself a dedicated sound meter to test various rounds. But due to the current restrictions on essential travel I have that test on the back burner. I did, however, complete a test with an iphone app that showed the difference between rounds. Although accuracy might not be of the standard of the dedicated Db tester. The quietness of the rounds was impressive backing up my comments from above.

So in short the .22LR rounds from ELEY offer plenty for the all-round small game shooter. Efficiency, accuracy, reliability, silence, cost effectiveness and confidence inspiring performance.

Take care and stay safe everyone.