ELEY is adding to its team of .22LR and air competitors with sponsorship of Italian rifle shooters Marco Suppini and Lorenzo Bacci.

Both will be shooting exclusively with ELEY tenex in the 50m 3P discipline and ELEY tenex air for air rifle competitions.

Lorenzo Bacci

As a junior, Bacci’s sharpshooting secured his place on the national squad where he’s gone from strength to strength. In 2013, he achieved his first junior international gold medal at the European Championships in Odense.

Now a senior, Bacci is competing at the highest standard with fantastic results. He is currently ranked 20th in the world for the 50m 3P rifle discipline.

Marco Suppini

Suppini’s shooting credentials are equally strong. His rifle skills have seen him dominate the junior circuit. In 2018, he won the gold medal at the World Championship in Changwon and gold at the Junior World Cup in Suhl.

Despite shooting shoulder to shoulder with the seniors for only a few months, Suppini has proven his place. At the recent World cup in Munich 2019, Suppini won a quota place for the next Olympic Games in the 10m air rifle final. He is currently ranked number 15 in the world for this discipline.

Michael Atkinson, brand manager for ELEY, commented; “It’s great to have Lorenzo and Marco join the ELEY team. We met them both at the Munich World Cup, where they had the opportunity to test and select their ELEY ammunition for the rest of the shooting season as part of the sponsorship.

“It’s an exciting time for ELEY as we look ahead to the Olympic Games next year. And it’s even better for us to see so many shooters trusting tenex to get them there.”

To follow Marco and Lorenzo’s shooting journey, check out their Instagram pages, @marco_suppo and @iamlorenzo.bacci.

The ELEY team would like to wish them both the very best of luck for the remainder of the 2019 season, and look forward to sharing more successes