ELEY are proud to sponsor the Yeaveley Speed Steel events for the second year in a row

ELEY are proud to sponsor the Yeaveley Speed Steel events for the second year in a row. As its title sponsor, we are committed to raising the profile of Steel Challenge in the UK and help put on world-class events for UK shooters in 2021. Sponsorship of the Yeaveley Speed Steel events is a

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Five health boosting benefits of taking up target shooting

We can often be guilty of overlooking how important shooting sports can be for our personal wellbeing. Target shooting is not only a brilliant sport for keeping you active, it also builds self-esteem, confidence, and is an excellent way to spend your downtime as well as develop lasting friendships. But if this isn’t enough,

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Coaching for accuracy: food for thought

It is easy to focus on the equipment you use and physical training techniques to improve your shooting skill. However, what you put into your body plays an incredibly important part. ELEY’s Martyn Buttery, test range manager and teamGB coach, explores how a healthy diet can improve performance and keep you on target. Food

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Precision vs. accuracy in target shooting

Accuracy and precision are terms often used interchangeably when discussed in shooting sports. However, they have very different meanings and are constantly used incorrectly or misunderstood to mean the same thing. We’re going to clear up the confusion so you’ve got the lingo locked down next time you’re at the range. When shooting competitively,

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Coaching for accuracy: breathing techniques for staying on target

Martyn Buttery, test range manager and GB Talent Squad coach, is back for the next instalment in ELEY’s coaching for accuracy series. Today he is looking at arguably one of the most overlooked factor: breathing techniques. Despite it often being forgotten, correct breathing technique can have a huge influence over the accuracy of a

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ELEY set to revolutionise shooting sports with the ELEY Precision Club

We are excited to launch our brand new ELEY Precision Club. Allowing competitors from all over the world to compete against each other from the comfort of their local shooting club. We believe online competition provides the perfect opportunity for competitors to participate in global competitions and have an exciting ‘Masters’ series of events

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Barrel life and wear: when should I replace my barrel?

There are several different factors that can contribute to barrel wear. Firing multiple rounds in quick succession? All of that heat and friction is going to wear out your barrel quicker than if it cools down after every round. Firing a lot of match-grade ammunition? While the softer wax minimises the effects of chambering,

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The difference between rimfire and centrefire ammunition… and which is more accurate

Both rimfire and centrefire ammunition are types of primer-ignited cartridges. The main difference between the two lies within the way the primer is ignited by the firing pin. Getting their names from where the pin strikes the base, unsurprisingly in a rimfire gun, the firing pin strikes the rim of the cartridge base to

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Match grade .22LR ammo: What is it and is it worth it?

Simply put, match-grade ammunition provides the ultimate performance for a competitive match. It has been carefully developed to tighter tolerances making it much more consistent and accurate. But is match grade ammo worth it? Absolutely… depending on your end goal.  If you’re looking to plink at the range for fun, you will be better off

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ELEY supports British Shooting with sponsorship of Schools Pistol Championships

ELEY is proud to sponsor British Shooting’s Schools Pistol Championships for another year. Supporting the brand new remote element of the competition. This is the first time in the competitions history that a remote element has been included. In these difficult times, this is an effort to move the shooting sports forward, in a

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