June 2021

A Lifetime in the Countryside: The Monthly Guide on Pest Control with Rob Collins

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What are the best times of the year for agricultural, small game hunting and pest control?Well, that's a hard one that really can’t be summed up in just one or two months of the year. Each month and more specifically each season has its pros and cons. Pest control comes in many forms and is

May 2021

How can sport have a positive effect on the mind and body

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Mental Health Awareness week is currently taking place (10-16 May).The levels of awareness into mental health issues have enhanced over recent years with regular campaigns, exposure and engagements across various sectors, although prior conversations around the topic can be described as misunderstood and still is by many today.Millions of people globally of all ages, genders

April 2021

ELEY renew sponsorship of the Canadian Rimfire Precision Series

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Here at ELEY we are proud to have renewed our position as title sponsor for the 2021 season of The Canadian Rimfire Precision Series (CRPS).ELEY are committed to raising the profile of rimfire competitions in Canada and help put on world-class events for Canadian shooters in 2021 and beyond.Since its founding in 2018, the CRPS

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